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Best Garmin smartwatches: useful tips during the purchase phase

Best Garmin smartwatches: useful tips during the purchase phase

The Garmin brand is undoubtedly the best solution for all those who love to train and run. It is a watch that integrates a series of extremely interesting and complete features: in short, all those who train seriously will find them very useful, but above all very precise.

There are numerous models of this brand on the market and, consequently, you are often looking for the best Garmin smartwatches both according to your needs and also in relation to the budget you have available to complete this purchase.

The Garmin Forerunner 45

Among the best Garmin smartwatches we find the Forerunner 45, very practical and simple to use during each workout, but which can also be very useful when it comes to organizing the preparation of the most demanding and important races. Among the various integrated features, we find the possibility of collecting very precise data on heart rate, rhythm and distance that has been traveled, but it is also useful for checking a large number of data related to sleep and to one's well-being in general.

Garmin Vivoactive 3

Here is another model particularly popular with running enthusiasts. Among the main features we find a high resolution touchscreen, easily readable even at night thanks to an excellent backlight. The main advantage? A truly long-lasting battery, as it can withstand up to 8 days of use in a row with GPS activated.

The popular Venu lines

Among the best Garmin smartwatches we also find the Venu line. There are many quality and cutting-edge features of these models. First of all, the presence of an AMOLED display, which allows the reading of the time and data that are recorded at any time of day or night. Not only that, since the Pulse OX sensor has the ability to measure oxygen saturation during the night, in order to evaluate the quality of sleep.

From an aesthetic point of view it is undoubtedly the solution to be preferred. We must not forget how it also integrates the beauty of 20 preloaded applications to start training, as well as to record data during workouts. This is the most suitable product if you do not like extreme sports, but at the same time you want a smart watch, equipped with a large number of features.

Garmin Instinct Solar

One of the most important models in the range: in fact, the Solar Edition has been specially developed as a top of the range, in such a way as to satisfy even the most complex needs of those who love sports and training. Any gems to know? This smart watch can count on a Power Glass lens, which allows it to be recharged through sunlight. Not only that, since it was made with a reinforced glass, in such a way as to offer maximum resistance against possible falls and bumps. The price is clearly above the average, but the autonomy is of a high level, with sensors that are confirmed to be extremely precise and, at the same time, remarkably reliable. There is also a Solar Surf Edition, the idea for those who love this sport, since it also allows recording of the number of waves that have been ridden.

Best Garmin smartwatches: useful tips during the purchase phase


on giu 16, 2022


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