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The best Gravel bikes: some tips for a successful purchase

The best Gravel bikes: some tips for a successful purchase

In recent times, there are several trends that have made their way into the world of cycling, including precisely that of pedaling with models called "gravel bikes". From a literal point of view, these are "gravel" bikes, but in reality the term indicates the characteristics of these models, made specifically to ride on what are called "dirt roads".

Well, gravel bikes are characterized by representing a sort of mix between road bikes, with which they share the frame, but also the handlebars, as well as the diameter of the wheels, and mountain bikes. With the latter, they have in common the traditional tessellated design found on tires and various peculiar aspects at component levels. In reality, however, in gravel bikes there are some aspects that are also typical of historic bikes. In this case, they share the construction material and the geometries set to ensure the highest possible level of comfort and driveability.

Finally, be careful not to confuse gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes. If at a quick and generic glance they may appear the same, in reality there are significant differences from a purely technical point of view.

How to orient yourself in the choice phase

Nowadays, also due to the wide and varied range of models that are available in stores and on online platforms, choosing the best gravel bike according to your needs is not exactly that easy and intuitive. From a certain point of view, in fact, the choice is also influenced by the numerous currents of thought that are linked above all to the technical characteristics of these particular bikes, even if in the end it is clear that even the available budget has an impact and not a little.

Consequently, it is easy to understand how on the market you can find very convenient gravel bikes from an economic point of view, others that are better suited to particularly long trails and others that are a more suitable solution for those who tend to train and go out for the day. There are travel models and others with a more sporty style, change the weight and more: in short, choosing is really difficult. The best thing to do is to understand how much your budget is and then orient your choice on a low-end, mid-range or high-end model.

Cannondale bikes

Among the best manufacturers of gravel bikes, and not only of course, we certainly find Cannondale. In this sense, the Cannondale bike gravels are specifically designed to allow you to tackle routes on unpaved and unpredictable terrain. If you want to aim for the fastest model, characterized by the presence of a SRAM Rival 2x12 group, then you should bet on the SuperSix EVO SE, even if the price is not suitable for all budgets, since it touches the 5000 euros. Versatility is the key word for the Cannondale bike Topstone models, made of aluminum with a carbon fork and with a price ranging from 1500 to 6000 euros. Even higher costs for the full suspension gravel models, some of which are also equipped with wireless transmission and carbon wheels.

The best Gravel bikes: some tips for a successful purchase


on giu 16, 2022


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