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Racing bike rollers: buying guide

Racing bike rollers: buying guide

A more than useful guide for all those who have a passion for two wheels and intend to buy racing bike rollers that can perfectly meet their needs and preferences. It is not always possible to train outdoors and, consequently, having bicycle trainers at home is really an excellent and practical solution to keep fit.

Bike rollers: what it is

As you can easily guess, they are tools that offer the possibility to train without leaving home and without giving up your passion. In short, these are typically indoor tools, which allow you to train with the bike even within the home.

The most common types of rollers

The older models are undoubtedly the free ones, which are characterized by having three points of support on which the bike must be kept in balance, thanks also to the cyclist's skills. Then we find the rollers with fixing to the frame, whose structure foresees to hook the rear wheel to a small stand. The wheel, therefore, rises from the ground and rests on a roller which, during pedaling, according to the chosen resistance level, can be more or less effective.

Direct drive rollers represent the most advanced model, undoubtedly able to guarantee the best performance, as well as important levels of stability and simulation of various types of paths.

How to orient yourself in the choice phase

Once you understand the characteristics of each type of racing bike rollers, here are some factors that can tip the decision towards a certain model rather than another. The first element that must be adequately assessed is resistance, that is the mechanism that is used to counteract the rotation of the rear wheel. In this sense, there are two solutions that are preferred: these are rollers with aerodynamic brake, those with magnetic brake, those with hydraulic brake and those with hydromagnetic brake.

Another aspect that makes the difference when choosing racing bike rollers is the space available. In fact, it is necessary to check what kind of clutter the rollers on which you are focusing your research involve. As you can easily guess, the free rollers take up much less space.

Among the various factors to be evaluated when purchasing racing bike rollers we undoubtedly also find the ease of assembly. There are some models that are really very simple both to open and to close and others that, on the other hand, make you waste a little more time to carry out these operations. Consequently, it is quite easy to see how, not having large spaces available, it is much better to opt for the purchase of a tool that can be assembled and disassembled very quickly.

Finally, the noise level also affects the choice phase. The hydraulic and hydromagnetic rollers are the quietest that can be found on the market, while other models make a little more noise when they are active. Finally, the type of training that one needs to carry out on the bike trainers will also affect, as well as the type of functionality. Above all from the technological point of view, which you want to have.

Racing bike rollers: buying guide


on giu 16, 2022


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