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BMC racing bikes, what are the best products on the market in Italy

BMC racing bikes, what are the best products on the market in Italy

BMC is a Swiss brand that has made its way into the bike manufacturing sector, conquering a large share of the market. Many models have been launched on the market, starting from classic walking bikes up to BMC racing bikes and mountain bikes, without forgetting the more particular versions, such as gravel or speed ones.

Among the most popular models of this well-known Swiss brand, it is impossible not to mention Teammachine SLR and Teammachine ALR. The SLR models are characterized by having a particularly resistant and structured frame, specially developed to achieve high performance, without making any compromises, fully respecting the original imprint of the Swiss giant.

The Endurance range

This is a particularly successful series made by BMC, as we are referring to BMC racing bikes that have been conceived, designed and developed specifically to guarantee better resistance against fatigue and, at the same time, high levels of comfort even when traveling at particularly high speeds.

Aero / Triathlon and Track

Aerodynamics is the key word of a collection that is certainly aimed at professionals who work in areas where top speed is essential and where a bike suitable to meet this need is required. Among the main features of this BMC range we certainly find typically aerodynamic shapes, but also a decidedly intuitive integration of the system, as well as a high level of adjustability. The final result that can be obtained is ideal comfort when traveling at particularly high speeds.

In the case of the track bike collection, it is clear that these are models suitable for use on velodrome. Therefore, the design was made taking into account, on the one hand, to ensure power and strength, but on the other also to ensure maximum efficiency and favor the cyclist's skills. The Track Series features, among its peculiar aspects, a very elegant aerodynamics, great handling and reliability at any possible speed, while also ensuring a not indifferent take-off.

How to find the best BMC bike for your needs

It is clear that you must be very clear about your preferences, especially from a technical point of view, as well as in terms of measures, to choose the best BMC racing bike. Online you can identify the dealer closest to your home, in such a way as to be advised by an expert, or you can set filters to better define and orient your search.

It is clear that choosing the right size is a particularly delicate operation. Each person, not only in terms of height and weight, is different. There are many factors that can affect this, starting from the size of the bust up to the ratio between crotch and height up to the length of the arms.

One of the best suggestions is undoubtedly not to observe and take a cue only and exclusively from the tables that can be found online. It is essential, in fact, to rely on a professional opinion, so as to be able to invest in a model that effectively responds perfectly to your needs from a physical point of view.

BMC racing bikes, what are the best products on the market in Italy


on giu 16, 2022


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