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    Tunap Brake Cleaner - 300 ml


    Tunap Brake

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    Tunap Brake Cleaner - 300 ml

    Dirty brake systems offer poor performance. Clean disc brakes offer safety. TUNAP SPORTS brake cleaner removes brake dust intensively but gently, as well as oil and grease residues, from the disc and piston. TUNAP SPORTS brake cleaner cleans completely without leaving any residue for an optimal braking effect. Surfaces remain intact and rubber linings are not attacked. The brake cleaner is not at all dangerous for people due to the use of a new formula for the protection of the user's health. TUNAP SPORTS manufactures the cleaner from environmentally and resource friendly materials, using renewable raw materials. Important for workshops: as a very safe cleaner, it is also very difficult to ignite.


    • 1. Spray the brake cleaner on the parts to be cleaned (brake discs, brake body).

    • 2. Allow the cleaner to take effect briefly. Wait until the solvent has evaporated (5-10 seconds).

    • 3. Using a cloth, remove loose dirt, dry all parts.

    • Contents: 300 ml

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